Football Australia chairman insists he will punish fans

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Football Australia ‘s chief executive James Johnson insists the punishment will be as severe as possible. Dealing with violent fans

Football Australia A derby between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory in Australia’s A-League. Things got chaotic in the first half. When Melbourne City’s goalkeeper Tom Glover was hit with a metal bucket and blood was drawn. Referee Alex King and a TV cameraman were all injured.

“We will act quickly. and apply the most severe sanctions,” FA chief executive Johnson said. Glover had a deep wound on his face. Several stitches before being take to the hospital later. Because he receive a concussion in the head Victoria Police say an estimate 150 to 200 Melbourne Victory fans ran onto the pitch in the 22nd minute of Saturday’s game ufabet.

He denied the crowd violence could affect Australia’s hopes of hosting other big tournaments.

“I’m in touch with FIFA and the AFC (Asian Football Confederation),” he said.

“These things happen and they aren’t specific to Australian football.

“What is important for the public and for FIFA and the AFC is what our response is and our response is very simple – there is no place in our sport for this type of behaviour.

“Those that participated in it will be weede out and we will do it very quickly.” – AFP, December 18, 2022